August Monthly Newsletter

  • The Atlas High Income Property Fund had a very strong month gaining +6.3% as real estate assets continued to recover from their falls in 2020. Twelve months ago, the prevailing view was that most real estate and infrastructure assets would be become “stranded assets”, permanently collecting a fraction of expected cash flows. This view has proved incorrect, with most trusts collecting rent due from tenants managing their businesses through the pandemic and infrastructure assets operating at close to full capacity when restrictions are lifted.
  • We were pleased with the financial results presented in August from the companies we own in the Fund. The common themes were profits recovering, rents being collected, and positive management commentary on the outlook for 2022. There was no repeat of the GFC-era debt crisis in 2021 for the listed property sector as due to conservative gearing and long debt maturities, no trusts were forced sellers of assets over the past 12 months.

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