Introducing Atlas Funds Management

Atlas Funds Management was launched in January 2017 to provide investors with access to innovative listed alternative investments that offer consistent high income paid quarterly.

Our approach is based on a conservative investment philosophy underpinned by decades of experience in the financial markets, and a rigorous adherence to the highest ethical standards of the investment profession.

The two key factors that underpin our approach are:

(1) Investment success through making fewer mistakes
Rather than chasing high return and higher risk investments, we see that superior performance and lower volatility of returns are best delivered by concentrating on avoiding mistakes or “performance torpedoes”.

(2) Smaller certain returns today are worth more than larger uncertain future returns
We prefer to invest in portfolio companies paying certain dividends today which can be distributed to investors, rather than deploying our investors’ capital in companies promising more variable returns in the future.

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Our first fund, the Atlas High Income Property Fund, will be available to investors shortly. We welcome queries from anyone interested in our funds. Please contact us if you would like to request an Information Memorandum or speak with our management team to learn more.